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Musings of a programmer

Technologies of choice

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I have worked with many technologies, and while I rally like simplicity of Laravel, I have for my day job learned Symfony. And over time, became quite a fan of the following setup:

  • Symfony 5
  • ApiPlatform
  • VueJS
  • Mercure


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Currently employed by Taitotekniikka OY in Finland. A self taught programmer working in the field for 15 years. Current projects are IOT related.


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Efficient Entity Updates with the API Platform’s patch_item Operation

One of the handy features of the API Platform is the ability to use the patch_item operation to update specific fields of an entity, rather than replacing the entire object. This can be a more efficient and flexible way to handle updates in your API. To use the patch_item operation, you’ll need to make a …


I have been using Cordova or Phonegap build for years. Recently, Phonegap was closed down. On a current project, I had to develop a feature I hadn’t done before. I could find numerous plugins on Cordova site. So… One by one I start testing. None of them solved the problem. I searched the plugin list, …


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Feel free to reach out with your thoughts and questions. @tdawgpharaoh on Twitter