Tool Set (Part 1)

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I start all my projects as a fresh Symfony 5 project, using the Symfony installer found at:

symfony new my_project_name

Assuming you have the Symfony installer, thats enough. Symfony installer by default installs just a barebones application with nothing.

I was never a fan of using a full docker setup. But, after reading the book by @fabpot I started to like the idea of having the tools in docker, but the app served by itself. How, my default docker-compose.yml file starts as this

version: '3'
    image: postgres:11-alpine
      POSTGRES_USER: user
      POSTGRESDB: db_name
    ports: [5432:5432]

Note the 5432:5432 this allows me to connect to it from my local system, using a tool like psequel if I want. His book also shows how to use the same method for other tools like Mercure or Redis.

Then I start my symfony application in my IDE as follows:

symfony serve

Next I install api-platform

composer require api

and thats when the fun starts…

To be continued…